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Educating & Training Traditional & Inspirational


To encourage and promote the ministry of dance as an expressive and unifying art form by displaying the various forms of inspirational dance. We do this by educating and training traditional inspirational-praise dancers to explore and reach beyond their normal capacities this enables and fosters character, respect for one’s self, others and our diverse backgrounds. We endeavor to present opportunities for dancers to celebrate the freedom that comes when dance is used as communicative vehicle. We are inspired by imagination, innovation and encourage artistry inclusion of banners, flags, streamers, tambourines, umbrellas and with other hand held props.

We encourage a non-competitive spirit and common love for the gift of dance amongst diverse groups although we are many we march to the beat of one drum. The Houston Dance Tsunami is a multi-cultural, multi-generational expression of dance, marching praise and celebration that serves as a testament to the many colors of life that introducing youth and adults audiences to novel styles and beats.


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Houston Dance Tsunami Remembers a Pioneer
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